The Jira Fundamentals Course

Go from Jira Noob → Jira Guru in Just 12 hours

A 3-week accelerated Bootcamp to get you from novice to expert!

Conquer Jira 2 days a week, for 3 weeks.

What will I learn in this course?

The Whole Enchilada

$1,000 $500 (limited time offer) one-time purchase

Class meets on Tu/Th @ 5:00PM PST starting January 31, 2023

Best for those who want full support from a Jira expert.

What do you get:

  • Instructor led course
  • Community-driven with access to a dedicated Discord channel
  • Meet 2x/week for 3 weeks
  • Hands-on activities to reinforce learning
  • Dedicated in class Q/A to answer all your Q's
  • Dedicated Discord channel to ask Q's
  • Once a week office hours for more Q's
  • Access to recordings


  • The first 5 people get FREE 1 on 1 coaching/ answers Q's with the instructor ($200 value)
  • The first 10 people get an extra day of office hours
  • Access to Playbooks
  • Access to Checklist
  • Access to Guides

Guarantee: We're confident you'll love and learn something supper valuable ... but we get it sometimes it's not a good fit. We'll refund the full price if you request it before the second day of class starts. No refunds after day 2.

Course Outline

# Topic
1 What is Jira
2 Why Jira
3 Project Types
4 Board Types
5 Working With Issues
6 Fields
7 SQL Basics
8 Filters
9 Dashboards
10 Managing Access
11 Permissions
12 Components
13 Releases
14 Reports
photo of Alex Ortiz in about your instructor area

Meet your course instructor

Hi, I'm Alex Ortiz, founder of Apetech. I am what you would call a "Jira Expert". All that means is that I've been doing this for a VERY long time, so if you're looking for someone with the most experience, you've come to the right place.

Since 2016, I have been helping multi-million dollar companies with their Jira and Agile issues. I have configured over 500 Jira projects across multiple industries. Through these experiences, I have learned what works and what does not work. All of my knowledge comes from real world experiences, not from a book. Taking a course with me means you will learn from someone that has actually done it, not just a "paper tiger".

This course is unlike any other online course you have ever taken!

I will teach you the theory, but most importantly, you are going to be in the tool, learning with an expert at your side. I will be there, each step of the way, giving you best practices and guiding you. Jira can be an overwhelming tool to learn, but I assure you, after you finish this course you will be very confident to work with Jira and Agile.