Case Studies

JNS Landscapes Inc

JNS Landscapes Inc is a professional, commercial focused, landscaping company based out of Austin, Texas. They specialize in providing landscaping services to commercial buildings and businesses. They also offer irrigation services both at the commercial and residential level. JNS Landscapes Inc has transformed hundreds of commercial landscapes throughout the greater Travis County area and their website helped them reach new customers.

How Apetech Helped

JNS Landscapes Inc was Apetech’s first client. They already had an existing website but needed something they could customize and update at will. Their previous provider didn’t allow for customization or scalability so they contacted us to see if we could help them out. We began by transferring over their domain from the previous company and setting them up with a new hosting and domain service. We took care of all of this so that JNS Landscapes Inc could focus on their business.

Once we had the domain and hosting, we began designing their site. JNS Landscapes Inc didn’t have a logo, so we started with helping them create their logo as well. We also built the website all from scratch and didn’t recycle anything from the old site. Their new site was published and new business started coming in once people started finding them online.

Apetech also created a Facebook Business page for JNS Landscapes Inc. We helped set it up and occasionally update it to reflect any changes requested by JNS Landscapes Inc. This Facebook page has allowed JNS Landscapes Inc to connect with potential customers faster and to be there for their community.

After a few years of successful new inquiries, JNS Landscapes Inc felt it was time to update their logo and website to reflect modern trends. We re-engineered their website using the latest and greatest technologies in web development and spruced up their logo. The result is a stunning new website that is helping JNS Landscapes Inc tell their story and reach new customers. This new website is very sleek and it tells people exactly why they are there. This in turn has helped JNS Landscapes Inc land new customers.

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Breaking Chains Fitness

Breaking Chains Fitness is a lifestyle fitness team based out of Orange County, CA. They specialize in training athletes and general fitness. They also offer a unique fitness program which is customized for each client.

How Apetech Helped

Shortly after getting married, founders Daniel and McKenna Mejia knew they wanted to create their business helping people realize their fitness goals. Both have been very active in the fitness community, and they wanted to create a service where they could impact the lives of their clients. Daniel had heard about Apetech's services via Twitter and decided to reach out. They had a their first fitness class in a short few days and needed a website quickly!

In collaboration with both Daniel and McKenna, we discussed strategies for how they could create a website that represented their values. We decided to build something that was modern, responsive, and clear. Since this is their first business, Apetech worked with Daniel and McKenna on showing them best practices for websites. Compared other fitness based websites and helped them tell their story via their website.

In the end, we ended up with a sleek website that exceeds their expectations. Breaking Chains Fitness has a website where folks can come and learn about their various fitness offerings. Their website invites users in to learn about who Daniel and McKenna are and how they can help them achieve their fitness goals.

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Totus Tuus Counceling and Wellness Services

Totus Tuus Counceling and Wellness Services offers personalized and group therapy based out of Cerritos, CA. They specialize in using art as a form of expression and utilize the craft to help you cope with your feelings and emotions.

How Apetech Helped

Totus Tuus Wellness was a bit of an endeavour. Since the owner is licensed by the State of California, special rules regarding HIPAA Compliance had to be followed. Adhering to this strict compliance was a gift and a curse. It was a gift because it defined clear boundaries with respect to what could/couldn’t be presented on the website. It was a curse because it limited the creative freedom we had to design functionality into the website.

We began by designing a site that strictly adhered to the HIPPA and other governing rules. This meant that every word on the site and information being requested had to be intricately placed. In order to avoid having to create custom portals for patients, we integrated with existing HIPAA compliant portals, further enriching the experience of the end user, without violating rules.

In the end, Totus Tuus Wellness received a compliant website that allows them to grow their business and provide the private services that their clients expect.

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